Self-Portraits of Motherhood – Month 3

As I continue my personal project of posting at least 1 photo each week on social media with myself & my kid(s)…I can’t help but brainstorm what I’m going to do with these photos in print.  I want to give my kids the gift of finding an old box with photos in it.  Right now I am leaning toward making a small, coffee table book for myself with my Self Portraits with my kids as a compilation.  But I also think I will likely print each one for the kid in the photo and leave the print in their memory boxes for them to find one day when going through their old stuff.

You should do this too!  Give your kids the gift of finding an old box of photos of their mama!

Here are the photos I posted during month 3…

#16 – Chaos

Because sometimes babies stand up on edges of things.

#17 – Sweet girl & needy pup

She is so fun to hang out with.  And I’m never able to hang out with the kids alone.  There is always a dalmatian trying to get in on the love.

#18 – Lean In

Breathe it in.  Remember what this felt like.

#19 – Tears

Sadness happens to the sweetest of us, sometimes.

#20 – Post Lasagne

Archer puts up with so much.  It takes some scrubbing to get lasagne off.

#21 – Birds are their fave

The twins love looking out the window & especially with Mama.  I will miss this stage.  Life if so simple for them.

#22 – Reading books

I do it because it’s so good for them.  Even though it can sometimes be mind-numbing & sleep inducing to read baby books all day.

#23 – Up in the air

Who will I be when this season is through?  10+ years total at home raising babies.  Speech Therapist?  Photographer?  Homemaker?  All three?

#24 – Never let go

I don’t always get cuddles…my biggest snuggle-bug has always been my oldest son.  But occasionally I get a baby to cuddle me too.  Always want to remember this feeling. This one is Archer.

#25 – From the inside

Stuck inside on a cold day.

#26 – I’ll carry you (even when you’re 6)

I’ll do it as long as I physically can.  Which won’t be much longer.  I promise I won’t forget what it’s like to hold you.

#27 – When fever strikes

She ended up in my bed with insomnia because she couldn’t turn her brain off.  Then she woke convinced she had a fever.  She didn’t.  Just exhausted.  Lack of sleep can make you feel so awful.

#28 – Let’s stick together

Well…for now.  Let’s head the same direction.  I’m still your Mama.


Thank you for following my personal project, “Self-Portraits of Motherhood.”

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