Self-Portraits of Motherhood – Month 1

“Get in the frame” has become a trending topic among mom photographers.  We Mamas tend to be behind the camera.  At the end of our lives, who wants their kids to look for photos of us with them and say, “Where was mom?  I remember her always being there but there are only a handful of pics.”   I’m doing a personal project called Self-Portraits of Motherhood & I will be posting a photo of me with one or more of my (4) kiddos every week…sometimes more than once a week.  I will be honest and say that I will not be taking one each and every week.  I tend to get the camera set up and take quite a few and then not touch my camera for a bit.  So I will likely be sharing multiple photos from the same few days spread over several months.  But I will be posting pics of me & my kids regularly doing ordinary things & that is my goal!

Month 1 is done…so here are the photos I shared this month…

#1 – Surrounded by Babies

I have twin boys that are 15 months old.  They are fast & furious but I never want to forget what it’s like to be trying to keep up with them daily.

#2 – Stay Little

Baby Archer is so little.  He’s the littlest baby I’ve ever had.  I do not want to forget what it is like to cuddle a little baby.

#3 – She loves grapes & books

Eden has been reading chapter books since she was 3 years old.  She would read for hours if we let her.  And her favorite after school snack is grapes.  I sure love being with her.

#4 – We all need a little help sometimes

I haven’t taken the time to teach Ike to tie his shoes yet.  Mostly because it’s hard to find the time with so many people needing my help all day.  Teaching this will be on our list to work on this summer.


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