killer hula hoop skills & deep-sleep baby breathing complete with baby sleep twitches:

a newborn twin story:

Read Layla’s story HERE: & then check out their Family Film:

a moving portrait – age 8:

a toddler gets to help use his great-grandpa’s vintage malt maker:

big kid fun – pillow fights, homemade pizza, and pool time:

catch a fish & name it “Bubbles Sweetie”:

painting, popcicles, bubbles, puppy chow, & a whole lotta running around & giggling upstairs:

older kiddos, including playing games, karaoke, legos, baseball, & swimming:

an outdoor session including hammocks & light sabers:

an everyday love that is extraordinary:

a motherhood film with tear-jerking audio:

everyday routine beautifully documented:

a motherhood film with twin babies:

Serving CO, KS, TX, & NV.  Emily is a baby & family photographer specializing in storytelling photography & family films.

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