Eden – a moving portrait of US

One of the classes I’m taking has challenged us Mamas to get in the frame on video & tag #momsinthemoments on INSTAGRAM every Wednesday. Well, I was running behind & so we had to do this last night to get it done in time. But then, a storm blew in! It had been almost 70 that day & warm & we were suddenly freezing with a whiney child. She kept putting on layers and finally perked up enough to play together outside some. It sprinkled on us some & then cleared. By the time we went in the sun was peeking back out just in time for sunset.

This film is full of inside jokes & little “things” that we do. For example, we have a joke where we hold the dandelion between us & blow hard in each other’s faces. And another thing where we try to shove the dandelion in each other’s mouths ha! And there are a few little things on the swing that Eden always asks me to do that nobody else would pick up on. She has been getting so much older, but this film reminds me that she really is still small. I’m so glad I captured this now instead of waiting. She is my only daughter out of 4 children & she is so precious to me.

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