Baby H / Derby, Kansas / Wichita Photographer

11 days new.

Baby H had it in for us from the beginning.  😉

After soiling his Daddy 3 times during the family portion of the session, we thought surely he was done & we were in the clear.

But Baby H had different plans!

Despite the laundry, we had such a great time.  He is SO handsome!

And that smile….

I will say that he definitely wanted to be held by his Mama.  Mama had the magic touch to soothe him.

Sometimes, having Mama close can cause newborns to want to feed or nurse rather than sleep for photos.

But sometimes Mama’s song is the only one that can put them into a deep slumber.  And that was the case with Baby H!

Thank you for letting me love on your sweet baby boy for a few hours.

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