Ike – A moving portrait of us

I’m late for my #momsinthemoments video this week! The last week of school activities coupled with in-laws visiting have made reduced computer time. So this was for this past Wednesday…this is a moving portrait of me and my oldest son. This was taken the day following a 2nd surgery I had to remove a syndesmosis screw from my ankle. So now, after the screw removal, I still have 13 screws, a plate, & a metal rod that is inside my shin bone from knee to ankle. I’m just so happy to be walking! I spent the 3 months in a wheel chair learning video & filmmaking and practicing. I am so thankful to finally be mobile & able to put together some short films! This is my 7th film to make & I love that it is about my just-turned 6 year old & me!

I am currently overhauling my business. I call my new sessions Storytelling Sessions. They will include photos as well as a short film, usually filmed inside of your home, but they can be done anywhere. I want to make films that don’t just speak to your soul, but that captures the heart & soul of your relationships. I am doing (4) of these sessions when I visit Vegas this June as part of portfolio-building. I am currently still too busy to take clients regularly or attempt to re-launch after our move to Colorado Springs. But my hope is that I will continue to hone my skills & become fantabulous at these videos so that when the twins are older, I am ready to take on clients again!

So here is my son Ike, & me. Doing our thing last week, one evening. I love him so much.

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