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Malt-making, cuddles & puppy fun with the Crawford Family! {Las Vegas Family Film}

One of my previous clients who has just been so vocal and outgoing about my work was this sweet Mama. I had taken herView full post »

Self-Portraits of Motherhood – Month 2

Since moving to Colorado Springs, I have focused on photographing & filming my own family. I have been taking thisView full post »

Ike – A moving portrait of us

I’m late for my #momsinthemoments video this week! The last week of school activities coupled with in-lawsView full post »

Dyeing Easter Eggs {documentary photography}

It has been so long since I’ve blogged!  In fact, while living in Vegas, I suspect I only blogged about 10% of myView full post »

Baby K / Las Vegas Newborn Photographer / Nevada

Baby K was my last newborn in Wichita, Kansas before moving to Vegas!  It was bittersweet for me but so fun as well.  View full post »

Twin Sisters / Babies L & E / Wichita Newborn

Twin newborn girls at 11 days new… Babies L & E were so adorable together.  They just melted into comfyView full post »

Baby D / Newborn Photography / Wichita, Kansas

10 days new!!! Baby D  was so very cute!  His daddy is a hunter and fisherman.  So they brought the sweetest littleView full post »

Baby K / Newborn Photography / Derby, KS

I was contacted in October by a non-Wichitan and asked if they could purchase a gift certificate for their friend whoView full post »

Stacy / Maternity / Kansas Photographer

This couple is so very gorgeous and I’m so happy they have found each other!  They were so adorable together.  View full post »

Baby L / Sweet Baby Boy / Aviator Newborn

9 days new. This sweet boy was a dream to have in the studio!  He was seriously precious. He brought big brother withView full post »

baby n / wichita / custom newborn photography

10 days new. Sweet baby N was due near the end of June. But baby N had other plans! She was exactly 2 weeks overdue andView full post »

Baby H / Derby, Kansas / Wichita Photographer

11 days new. Baby H had it in for us from the beginning.  😉 After soiling his Daddy 3 times during the familyView full post »

Baby S / Newborn Photography / Wichita, KS

12 days new. Baby S was such a good sleeper!  She literally curled up into newborn snuggly squishiness and didn’tView full post »

Baby C / Wichita / Newborn Photography

12 days new. Being a newborn photographer is the best job in the world. Baby girl was so squishy and sweet. She gave theView full post »

Baby M / Newborn Photography / Wichita, KS / Emily Karen

11 days new. Taken 2 days after Valentine’s Day. She smiled for us over and over. That dimple when she smiles!!!View full post »