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Vegas Baby Photos / Baby M

I met baby M’s mama through my husband’s work here at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas.  Both of our husbands workView full post »

Baby Z / Wichita Las Vegas Newborn

Ok, let me begin by saying that baby Z had the BEST HAIR.  I seriously have never seen newborn hair this fluffy andView full post »

baby a / wichita newborn / guitar newborn

Sweet Baby A was so precious!  She was due just before Thanksgiving and wow, what a wonderful blessing she is to thisView full post »

Baby B / Newborn / Derby Photography

Baby B was a true squishy star.  Her cheeks photographed so beautifully!  I love when a newborn curls up and has suchView full post »

Babies E & R / Twin Photography / Newborns / Wichita

These two twin babies were so precious!  They were 9 days new.  Sweet girl-twin baby was born only one minute beforeView full post »

Baby S / Newborn Photography / Wichita, KS

12 days new. Baby S was such a good sleeper!  She literally curled up into newborn snuggly squishiness and didn’tView full post »

Baby C / Wichita / Newborn Photography

12 days new. Being a newborn photographer is the best job in the world. Baby girl was so squishy and sweet. She gave theView full post »

Baby M / Newborn Photography / Wichita, KS / Emily Karen

11 days new. Taken 2 days after Valentine’s Day. She smiled for us over and over. That dimple when she smiles!!!View full post »