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Baby J / Vegas Newborn Photographer

Baby J was one of those newborn babies that is SOOOOOOO cuddly and sweet!  And his big sister was so wonderful with himView full post »

Newborn Video Montage, Las Vegas, NV

Since moving to Las Vegas, I have held several newborn sessions.  But this session was my very first!  Newborn RyanView full post »

Baby R / Las Vegas Newborn Photographer

I met sweet Baby R’s Mama at my son’s preschool at orientation. This is such a sweet, fellow military familyView full post »

Baby K / Las Vegas Newborn Photographer / Nevada

Baby K was my last newborn in Wichita, Kansas before moving to Vegas!  It was bittersweet for me but so fun as well.  View full post »

The Anatomy of Newborn Sneeze

Ever wished you could freeze a baby sneeze in time?  Well, here you go!  My shutter speed for photographing newbornsView full post »

Baby J / Newborn / Wichita / Las Vegas

This family was so sweet.  I am so grateful to have such sweet clients and meet such nice families!  Little Baby JView full post »

Baby L / Wichita & Vegas Newborn Photographer / Star Wars Newborn Theme

I happen to be related to this beautiful little guy.  My sweet cousin had him over Christmas holidays and I was veryView full post »

Babies E & R / Twin Photography / Newborns / Wichita

These two twin babies were so precious!  They were 9 days new.  Sweet girl-twin baby was born only one minute beforeView full post »

Baby A / Kansas Newborn / Custom Photography

10 days new. Baby A slept like a rock star. With a dark head of hair and those sweet lashes.  He was so precious! WeView full post »

Baby H / Derby, Kansas / Wichita Photographer

11 days new. Baby H had it in for us from the beginning.  😉 After soiling his Daddy 3 times during the familyView full post »

Baby H / Wichita / Newborn Photographer / Emily Karen

12 days new. The chunkiest newborn baby I’ve photographed yet. This sweet boy came home from the hospital to aView full post »

Baby A / Wichita Newborn Photographer / Emily Karen Photography

9 days new. He slept like a dream. With thick, dark hair and new, flaky skin. I have so enjoyed meeting and takingView full post »

Baby H / Wichita Kansas / Newborn Photographer

7 days new. Wide awake. Baby Henley was the happiest baby & he didn’t want to sleep. But who can complain whenView full post »

Baby H / Newborn Photography / Wichita

11 days new. This sweetheart was receiving treatment for reflux & gave me a run for my money. We worked so hard toView full post »

the beginning / wichita newborn photographer / emily karen

Meet the beautiful baby boy that started this journey for me.  This is the very first newborn I ever took photos of.  View full post »