Big Announcement!

Hello everyone! Those on my newsletter list received this news a few weeks ago, but I wanted to update everyone more publicly….

Big changes are coming for my family in the next few months.  We will be relocating from the Wichita area to Las Vegas, Nevada as my husband has accepted a job position there.  If you have scheduled a session with me in the next few months…no need to panic!  I have scheduled very limited sessions for myself and only scheduled what I will be here for and be able to fulfill.  I will also be doing the Valentine Mini Sessions at the beginning of February (all slots filled), so still a lot to be excited about for me in the world of photography!  If you have inquired recently, you have seen that I am referring people to other photographers for their needs.  This has been so difficult for me…especially turning down so many of those precious twin requests!!!  But, I have to keep my family and my sanity first.  We will be gearing up for a relocation and getting the house ready to be put on the market and I have to be sure to keep a balance for my family.  If you are pregnant and interested in newborn photography, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I have several fantastic very high-caliber newborn photographers that I have been referring my inquiries to for quite some time now.  If you are a client interested in milestone and family photos, I have recommendations for those types of sessions as well, so I’m always happy to help!

But most of all, I want to thank those of you who have supported me on this journey.  What a fantastic journey and learning experience it has been for me to begin my own business pursuing something that I love and adore.  I will be taking  a good break from photography to focus on my family in Nevada and get us all settled.  But I do hope to do it again in the future and continue my passion when the timing is right!  THANK YOU for trusting me to capture so many precious and fleeting moments.

I encourage you to stop what you are doing right now, go find those files, and order a few prints to frame.  Your art is so much more meaningful printed than on a disc or hard drive!  Love you all!

Love, Emily

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