baby n / wichita / custom newborn photography

10 days new.

Sweet baby N was due near the end of June.

But baby N had other plans!

She was exactly 2 weeks overdue and past her due date before she finally decided to join us.

She came into the world to join a huge, wonderful extended family that loves her so!

Baby N’s parents brought “Joe Monkey” to our newborn session as well as a hand-knitted blanket made by family.

Joe Monkey was an inside joke.  I believe her Daddy had his very own Joe Monkey growing up!

Baby N slept through her newborn session like a champ.  She was so sweet and cuddly and curled up nicely for us into cute poses.

Thank you for letting me love on your family!!!

As you can see, big sister is proud of her little sis:

Joe Monkey looks so cute up next to her.  I love it when families bring personal items to their newborn sessions.

It makes things so much more meaningful down the road!

Below is the beautiful blanket that was made by someone in the family just for baby N.  What a lucky baby girl.  Another personal item that carries so much meaning!

I love photographing the details of these sessions.  How gorgeous are this little girl’s lashes and flaky baby toes!?

In addition to the newborn smiles above, we even caught a baby yawn!





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