Eden – a moving portrait of US

One of the classes I’m taking has challenged us Mamas to get in the frame on video & tag #momsinthemoments on INSTAGRAM every Wednesday. Well, I was running behind & so we had to do this last night to get it done in time. But then, a storm blew in! It had been almost 70 that day & warm & we were suddenly freezing with a whiney child. She kept putting on layers and finally perked up enough to play together outside some. It sprinkled on us some & then cleared. By the time we went in the sun was peeking back out just in time for sunset.

This film is full of inside jokes & little “things” that we do. For example, we have a joke where we hold the dandelion between us & blow hard in each other’s faces. And another thing where we try to shove the dandelion in each other’s mouths ha! And there are a few little things on the swing that Eden always asks me to do that nobody else would pick up on. She has been getting so much older, but this film reminds me that she really is still small. I’m so glad I captured this now instead of waiting. She is my only daughter out of 4 children & she is so precious to me.

Emily is a baby & family photographer specializing in documentary style photography & video story sessions.

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Mornings – A Family Film

The every day. The ordinary. The beautifully imperfect.

Family Films can focus on any activity or theme. It can take an upbeat tone or an emotional, slower tone depending on the nature of the session. Tickling, dancing, Legos, baking, riding bikes, swinging, singing or sitting on the couch in front of a fire…whatever it is your family likes to do together. I can take almost any beloved toy or activity and document it beautifully. I can take simply being together…and turn it into a digital heirloom that will bring you back to that moment in the years to come.

For this family film, the focus was the everyday morning routing getting the kids up and ready for school. Find meaning in your ordinary.

Watch the 2.5 minute video below. And grab your tissues.

Emily is a baby & family photographer specializing in documentary style photography & video story sessions.

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Self-Portraits of Motherhood – Month 1

“Get in the frame” has become a trending topic among mom photographers.  We Mamas tend to be behind the camera.  At the end of our lives, who wants their kids to look for photos of us with them and say, “Where was mom?  I remember her always being there but there are only a handful of pics.”   I’m doing a personal project called Self-Portraits of Motherhood & I will be posting a photo of me with one or more of my (4) kiddos every week…sometimes more than once a week.  I will be honest and say that I will not be taking one each and every week.  I tend to get the camera set up and take quite a few and then not touch my camera for a bit.  So I will likely be sharing multiple photos from the same few days spread over several months.  But I will be posting pics of me & my kids regularly doing ordinary things & that is my goal!

Month 1 is done…so here are the photos I shared this month…

#1 – Surrounded by Babies

I have twin boys that are 15 months old.  They are fast & furious but I never want to forget what it’s like to be trying to keep up with them daily.

#2 – Stay Little

Baby Archer is so little.  He’s the littlest baby I’ve ever had.  I do not want to forget what it is like to cuddle a little baby.

#3 – She loves grapes & books

Eden has been reading chapter books since she was 3 years old.  She would read for hours if we let her.  And her favorite after school snack is grapes.  I sure love being with her.

#4 – We all need a little help sometimes

I haven’t taken the time to teach Ike to tie his shoes yet.  Mostly because it’s hard to find the time with so many people needing my help all day.  Teaching this will be on our list to work on this summer.


Emily is a baby & family photographer specializing in documentary style photography & video story sessions.

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Family Film – Spring 2017 in Colorado

Colorado has oodles of snow in the Spring!  The weather can change in an instant.  Some days we have snow, hail, sleet, rain, & sunshine all in the same day.  And often, the snow will dump & then completely melt the next day which is the way I like it best!  This video encompasses Spring, Easter, egg hunting, baby cuddles, family wrestle time, & much more.

Emily is a baby & family photographer specializing in documentary style photography & video story sessions.

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Dyeing Easter Eggs {documentary photography}

It has been so long since I’ve blogged!  In fact, while living in Vegas, I suspect I only blogged about 10% of my photo sessions.  Actually, even less.  But I’m back & my photos have taken on new meaning.  I focus on documentary photography alongside film-making & family films!  I capture more emotion & candid moments & am able to create incredible keepsakes this way.

With that, I present:

Dyeing Easter eggs is such a fun family tradition each year!!!

Baby J / Vegas Newborn Photographer

Baby J was one of those newborn babies that is SOOOOOOO cuddly and sweet!  And his big sister was so wonderful with him.

He was a very wiggly baby during the family photos.  He wasn’t still at all!  But we made him at least look like he was for a few!


His mama brought along some wee newborn baby suspenders and khaki pants.  He was just PRECIOUS in them!





I love documenting the tiny details for these families…like newborn hair fluff and baby nose pores.


And this was dad’s big request.  He races and so brought his racing helmet and jacket.  Baby J did this SO easily!  He just curled right up in there.  This is a composite, which means I merged 2 photos together.  There was a hand on baby at all times.  Newborn safety is a big deal and is always taken seriously at our sessions!


Fall Vegas Mini Session, Vegas Family Photographs

I offered a mini session this past Fall here in Las Vegas and sold out very quickly!  I was so happy, being as new as I am to the area, to find people willing and trusting me to capture their moments as a family.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from this past Fall from my new clients in Las Vegas, Nevada!  We held these at Red Spring Picnic area which is in the Calico Basin area West of the Las Vegas valley.  It’s a gorgeous area in the Fall with a boardwalk, tall grasses, red mountains, and lots of fall color.  It’s no wonder this is a popular photography spot here!



17McKeehanEmilyKarenPhotography2014 - Copy

Newborn Video Montage, Las Vegas, NV

Since moving to Las Vegas, I have held several newborn sessions.  But this session was my very first!  Newborn Ryan was such a handsome little infant and such a joy to photograph.  I give a complimentary video montage to the parents of each newborn session I do as a thank you gift.  And I just LOVE the song used for this video.  Check it out!

Vegas Baby Photos / Baby M

I met baby M’s mama through my husband’s work here at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas.  Both of our husbands work together and I was honored that she asked me to take their newborn photos when their daughter was born!  The parents brought several hand-made and meaningful items to this session and I always LOVE incorporating props and blankets and hats that have meaning for the family.  It makes everything just that much sweeter!



Sweet Baby M was BRIGHT-EYED for much of our session!  She did not sleep much.  But she was very happy and content the entire time she was awake.


The parents brought this gray hand-made blanket with them…made by a relative.  


Baby M’s own Mama knitted this hat!  She has a Dr. Seuss themed nursery at home!


Baby M has a much older sister.  This is Dad with both of his daughters.  So special…


What a fun time I had photographing your family and also meeting big sister.  I look forward to taking photos of all of you when the other big sis is able to come visit!